We take you on the journey of HEY MARLY and show you what campaigns, news & social events have moved us since the beginning. Here you can dive into our entire company development and future projects to get a better, closer feel for products, campaigns & our communication. Become a part of the HEY MARLY story and stay up to date. Join us on our journey together now! Together we can achieve more: WE ARE ALWAYS BETTER TOGETHER!

December 2021


To conclude the year, we would like to thank DKMS with a donation. The international non-profit organisation is committed to fighting blood cancer. Only together can we make a difference! Meet all the people around you with gratitude and love! HEY MARLY wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

November 2021


On the occasion of this year's Blackweek, we organised our very first small PRE-BLACKWEEK event as a brand. Of course, it was completely Corona-compliant under the 2G+PCR TEST regulation, so that everyone could enjoy the evening with a clear conscience. The BUZZ N BLACKNIGHT took place under the motto BLACKNIGHT & NEONLIGHTS at the SIXPACK Bar in Cologne. Some influencers were able to join us and celebrate the exclusive MARLYS MEMBER CLUB FLASH SALE. There was lots of dancing, laughing and drinking our neon pink Marly's signature drink.

October 2021


The HEY MARLY crew has grown so fast in the last year! On the one hand, we can be happy about the growth of new products and our community, and on the other hand, about hard-working new employees! To get to know each other better as a team, HEY MARLY organised a little trip for the whole team! Where we were going was only revealed during the trip! The whole crew was excited and there were already plenty of rumours about where the trip might be going. Many already had a premonition and this was confirmed. The trip went to Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria. From bike tours and mountain hikes to delicious food and a relaxing visit to the spa. In any case, there was plenty of singing, dancing and laughing together. A trip full of memories and team bonding!

September 2021


After the summer of "BEACH TO CITY", we have arrived thematically in the city, accompanied by our new autumn products. The message of CITY LOVE is to spread love in all cities around the world with our Boots & Bags. With the launch of the campaign, HEY MARLY shows cool autumnal city styles for every type of woman instead of summery beach looks. Also launched were the Hiking and Ankle Boots, the Shopper, the Hey Beanie & the Signature Scarves. All accessories for an all-round perfect autumn outfit. In parallel to the campaign, our HEY FRIENDS page was also launched. The aim of the page is to share the HEY MARLY styles with our community. Because our FRIENDS also inspire us and make HEY MARLY the brand it is. We are proud of our community love and thank you for the great support!

September 2021


In September, there was a unique chance to become a product tester for the first HEY MARLY sneaker. 100 selected people were allowed to wear and test the first design. Afterwards, they were able to share their opinion on the quality, design and naming in the form of a feedback questionnaire. At an online event, the marketing team presented the design and the idea and answered questions from the community. Thank you to everyone who was there and helps us improve our products every day!

August 2021

Launch of MARLY'S CLUB

This summer, HEY MARLY launched MARLY'S MEMBERCLUB! With our club, we reward our community with points for every purchase, offering them more exclusivity and benefits. ARE YOU ALREADY MEMBER?

july 2021


Severe storms have devastated parts of Germany and left severe damage in their wake. We want to help! Many families, friends and acquaintances have been severely affected by this flood and we, as a company that was founded in the Rhineland, want to support where we can. Therefore, we as a company have donated to the project "Aktion Deutschland Hilft" to support those affected by the flash floods. This campaign is made up of 23 different German aid organisations. The aim is to combine forces and help more effectively, as well as in this case of disaster.

July 2021


The time has come! Summer is just around the corner and summer feelings are in the air. Even if the German summer doesn't always cooperate, HEY MARLY brings you the summer feelings. No matter whether you are going on holiday or spending time at home. Because when it comes to the question: beach or city, you no longer have to decide... Why not both? The new campaign "From Beach to City" offers a perfect combination of both. With this campaign, HEY MARLY wants to give you the feeling that summer can be anywhere. HEY MARLY makes you feel summer under your feet and in your heart. In line with the campaign, new summer products will be launched. New toppings, straw bags and scarves now enrich the HEY MARLY range.

June 2021


How quickly time flies! First the store in Cologne and now a pop-up store in two more cities in Germany. In July 2021, HEY MARLY will open its first pop-up store at Breuninger Düsseldorf and Stuttgart. Wow, we are excited! What a chance to present HEY MARLY in your cities. On an area of 30 sqm we bring the beach into the city. Casual beach vibes accompanied by chill lounge music. From our sandals with changeable toppings to espadrilles and bags, you can see, feel and try on our HEY MARLY range live. Thanks to you, a complete success!

June 2021


As part of the Better Together campaign, it is important to HEY MARLY not only to carry the message: WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER as a campaign to the outside world, but also to put the theme into practice and do something good. Because only together we are strong and can make a difference. Therefore HEY MARLY has donated a part of the turnover worth 15.000€ with the agreement of our campaign testimonials: Isabelle Hartmann, Milena Karl, Kelly Flint and Janina Pfau to Oxfam & BFF. BFF, the BUNDESVERBAND FRAUENBERATUNGSSTELLEN UND FRAUENNOTRUFE, offers outpatient counselling and assistance to women in emergency situations and victims of violence. They also want to bring the issue of violence against women to the outside world in order to create more awareness among the public. OXFAM supports further education projects for women worldwide, campaigns for women's rights & against violence. They also want to give women and girls better access to health care, education & income. These organisations, which support women in a wide variety of areas, are therefore a perfect match for the BETTER TOGETHER campaign. We are therefore looking forward to creating great things together!

April 2021


A message very close to Hey Marly's heart. "Treat all the people around you like your best friends - make them feel safe, harmonious, joyful & loyal." As part of this campaign, HEY MARLY has teamed up with an influencer group of friends from Hamburg to visualise the feeling of friendship and togetherness. Because only together we are strong , can learn from each other and achieve great things. The four friends: Isabelle Hartmann, Kelly Flint, Milena Karl & Janina Pfau, stand for the above-mentioned friendship values in the "BETTER TOGETHER" campaign. Because HEY MARLY products should also accompany our customers wherever they go and not leave them alone.

January 2021


What a year it was: the whole of Germany and the whole world is at a standstill because of the Corona situation. Germany is in lockdown. Normal everyday life is shut down. We are all longing for freedom, for holidays, for an exuberant life. We are waiting to feel the beautiful things in life again and to be able to celebrate together. Our campaign for the first quarter of the year is based on this feeling: BE PATIENT. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. WE WILL FEEL AGAIN. With this measurement message HEY MARLY wants to give people the feeling that we are in this together & will soon feel all the beautiful things in life again. The nostalgic campaign encourages people to reminisce and gather strength and motivation for the future. It reminds our customers of the beach, the sea, the sand under their feet and the sun's rays on their skin, which reflect the basic idea of the brand.

December 2020


Since the beginning of 2020, HEY MARLY has been working together with the Varius workshops. The Varius workshops support people with disabilities and give them the opportunity to orient themselves professionally. They have helped us with important production steps. The snap fasteners of our toppings were riveted with the help of the employees. Hey Marly would like to thank them for their strong commitment and the beautiful cooperation and therefore donated to the facility at Christmas time.

September 2020


Our first own store & the release of a whole new product category: our bags. Wow! Hard to believe. Our own store in Ehrenstraße. It has always been a dream of Hey Marly to be present in stationary retail in addition to online retail, as we consistently try to be a very personal and approachable brand. The Hey Marly feeling can be experienced more closely and personally in the store. The breakthrough of our City Companion Bucket Bag and the Soul Sister Halfmoon Bag took place at the same time. It quickly became clear that Hey Marly is a brand that wants to offer its customers diversity. For women who prefer casual, sporty or simply slip-ons instead of sandals, the espadrilles are the perfect alternative for the summer.

August 2020


Since August, the team behind Hey Marly has been growing. While Paula and Philip were previously responsible for the marketing tasks alone and their team consisted mainly of the customer service team, in August 2020 they expanded their team in the areas of marketing, operations, quality management and customer service. To date, the team continues to grow and work hand in hand on new projects to drive the brand forward. The vision of being the best friend of our community is also reflected in the team - supporting, helping, supporting and being there for each other is a top priority at Hey Marly and is constantly intensified through team evenings and events.

February 2018


HEY MARLY starts with a unique sandal concept. Basic sandals can be combined with summery, individual toppings. A new look can be conjured up in seconds. Perfect for different styles and occasions. And especially practical for holidays. The comfortable basic sandals are available in different versions and colours. The Topping range is constantly expanding so that more and more variations are possible. There are no limits to creativity!

January 2018


And it really began with a journey. A journey by the founders Paula & Philip. The two then founded the label Hey Marly in 2018. Inspired by an encounter with a fascinating person. Dedicated to the world's most beautiful attitude to life: summer under the feet and in the heart. Hey Marly's vision is to be a woman's perfect companion and best friend. With the product portfolio of accessories, shoes and bags, which has grown considerably to date, Hey Marly is intended to complete every outfit and give it a very individual touch.