Milano Cool

Dhs. 90.00

Leather look pure
What Prada, Armani and Dolce & Amp; Gabana can, you can do the same: let the Italian hang out with passion! For example, with the four noble toppings of the Milano Cool collection made of high quality material. Self-confident like the Italians you are already, always well dressed anyway. Whether the elegant business outfit with color matching briefcase or in the casual look at the casual white blouse, with this collection your Italo style is always perfect. Now only the sunglass sunglasses put on and slurpily elegantly cappuccino.

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New Topping - new Look

With our wide variety of interchangeable toppings, you can live out your personal style to the fullest this summer. Whether you prefer a vibrant pattern, a bright color, or an elegant look, the sky's the limit with our Mix & Match principle! You have the right sandal for every situation - without having to buy a new one every time.

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Thanks to our free shipping and returns, you have the possibility to try on and test our products comfortably at home. And if something doesn't fit or doesn't meet your expectations, you can simply return the items free of charge. No stress, no additional costs - we want you to be completely satisfied!

The perfect companion for hot summer days

Whether on the beach, sightseeing or in the evening at the beach bar - our comfortable sandals with matching toppings are the absolute eye-catcher. Perfect for sunny experiences!

Over 36.000 positive reviews

The ratings speak for themselves! From over 36.000 reviews, we can be happy about an average rating of 4.82. Our customers in Germany and Europe are satisfied and we are convinced that you can also be a part of them.

The perfect combination of style and comfort

With their modern design and high-quality materials, our sandals not only look stylish, but also offer excellent comfort. The perfect mix!