Sporty Sneaker Mint

Dhs. 380.00

Sporty & Amp; Cool on the way
Perfect for City Trips
Platform sole from jute

Easy & amp; comfortable

The Sporty sneaker is your perfect companion in everyday life. No matter if you are relaxing through the City strolling or a date to the other. You can rely on it that he gives your outfits a sporty, cool touch.
Now also available in your favorite colors.
Through the traditional hand-making in Spain, you get the summer feeling additionally home. The sole consists of 100% natural jute. This is not only good for the environment, but also super comfortable. The high comfort sole adapts to your foot and increases comfort. Just right, if you want a particularly soft upholstery for your feet. Nearly with the first steps a new, super light run.
Tip: Our ImpregnierSpray The Umbrella offers protection against dirt and erasure. In addition, he seals the surface so that it has to be cleaned much rarer and can also be cleaned faster.

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